Born on the 9th of May 1979, Marcus was raised in pubs from an early age, living in two pubs in Oxfordshire, before moving to Shropshire in 1995 with his parents to help renovate & run their new pub. Marcus worked at the pub and also attended Manchester school of sound to do an NVQ in sound engineering.

Marcus and Jenny run a successful pub/restaurant in Baschurch with their two daughters & two dogs.


About Marcus


When Marcus & Jenny first set up the pub they employed a few different chefs, after a period of time Marcus decided he would teach himself to cook and jumped into the kitchen head first. He had no previous experience of cooking, other than a few books! He used to love eating food but that’s as far as it went, after working hard for a couple of years and long periods without any time off, Marcus decided to enter a competition called Iron Chef on Channel 4. Marcus sat down with Jenny after service one night and started doing the application form, but after 2 pages he decided he was too tired so didn’t complete it the application and the closing date was the following day.


About a week after that Marcus & Jenny were business as normal and Marcus got a phone call from a production company asking if he could have a chat with them as they noticed he hadn’t finished his application form. After answering a few questions, they asked Marcus to go to a casting where he had to have a cook off with lots of other chefs and be filmed. Marcus attended and cooked his dishes and did a couple of skills tests. At the end of the day Marcus was selected to be a contestant in the show.


He was asked to go to Glasgow to film the show, this was all exiting, scary & nerve-racking all at the same time. This was the first time Marcus had cooked out of the pub kitchen, other than at the casting and this time they’d be lots of cameras, lots of people, judges and most of all professional Chefs! After the first day of filming Marcus won the dish of the day, then on the second he won it again, then Marcus got through to the Friday final to compete head to head with the highest scoring Iron chef.


The Friday final consisted of Marcus & Martin Blunos going head to head, each having commis chefs to help. The ingredient was a whole hind of lamb and they had to create two starters & main courses. After the time was up they both went onto the stage and the winner was announced…… Marcus Bean was the winner and had beaten Martin Blunos; a two Michelin star chef! An amazing experience and a great achievement for Marcus.